How To Change Column Width In Excel? A Comprehensive Guide



How to Change Column Width in Excel

MS Excel is one of the most useful tools for all sorts of users who want to organize and analyze their data. But if you don’t know about Excel’s different features and customization options, you can face different kinds of issues. For instance, if you don’t know how to adjust column width in excel, it would be hard to adjust lengthy data in the cell. This guide will explain the different methods you can use in changing the width of a column in excel. 

3 Ways to change width of column in excel!

Method 1: How to change the width of a column in excel through auto-fit column width option

The simplest way to change the width of a column in excel is by using the auto-fit feature. This feature would allow you to adjust the width of the cell according to the length of content in it. To apply this method, you must first select the column or columns you want to adjust. After that, you have to double-click on the header of the column cells. The width would be adjusted according to the contents of the cells automatically.

Method 2: How to adjust width of columns in excel by manually setting the column width

If you don’t want to use the automatic method and want more control over the width of each cell, you can manually adjust column width in excel. The process is quite simple; you must select the column or multiple columns and place your cursor over the edge of the column’s header. Once you see the cursor turn into a double arrow, you can click and drag the edge of the header to your desired width size. 

Method 3: How to adjust all column width in excel by modify the column width with the ribbon

You can also set column width in excel from the ribbon. For this, you must first select the column that you want to adjust, go to the home tab on the top left corner of the ribbon, and click the “Format” button in the cells group. After that, select the Column Width from the dropdown menu. You can enter your desired width and click “OK.” Your column width will be adjusted accordingly.


How to use autofit in excel?

Choose the column or columns to be modified. Click Format in the Cells group on the Home tab. Click AutoFit Column Width under Cell Size.

What is the shortcut to adjust column width in excel?

Alt + H, O, and I for AutoFit column width.

Press Alt + H, then O, then A to auto-adjust the row height.

Why does column width change in excel?

Due to Windows resolution scaling, Excel automatically changes the column width when opened on different machines.


It is very simple to change the width of columns in excel. You must practice the above methods, especially when working with large amounts of data. By setting the excel column width, you can organize your sheet better and make data more presentable!