What Does ISO Stand For On Facebook? With Examples



What Does ISO Stand For On Facebook

Slangs are commonly used on all social media platforms. Instead of writing complete words, people use acronyms in their conversations.

If you are a Facebook user and comment on others’ posts, you may see Slang “ISO” used commonly on this platform. 

Have you ever wondered what does ISO stand for in texting on Facebook? If you don’t know the meaning of this slang, no need to worry about it because we are here to help you with it.

We will tell you the meaning of this term along with its usage with examples. Let’s dive deep and have a look at this term deeply.

What Does ISO Stand For On Facebook?

On Facebook, the ISO stands for “In search of”. It is used commonly to look for a particular account or even a product.

Here they will use the term ISO and will say that “I am ISO of this product but unable to find it anywhere”.

Examples of Usage

Let’s talk about this slang with an example. Here we will create a situation where the term “ISO” is used in the conversation.

You: I asked you to order a T-shirt like Mike wore that day.

Friend: Yes, I am ISO that but unable to find a product like that.

You: If you say I will send you the link to online stores.

What Else Can ISO Stand For?

Every slang has multiple meanings and the same is for the term “ISO” as it has multiple meanings and is used in different situations.

Some other meanings of the term “ISO” are “in support of”, “instead of”, “in seeking other”, “I’m still online”, “isolation”, “interactive support online”, and “in service of”.

These are all other meanings of ISO that are used in different kinds of conversations as per requirement.


In this section, we will briefly answer the queries of users that are related to this term. Have a look at these questions that are asked frequently.

What does ISO stand for in text?

While texting, you can use ISO for multiple purposes and it can have multiple meanings. But in common, this slang is used for the purpose of searching for something or giving your views on a point.

Let’s say you use the phrase “I am ISO of the product that you were talking about yesterday” or while arguing it can be used as “In my opinion, you should go for blue car ISO the red one”.

Why Do People Write ISO?

ISO is a slang that is used as a short form for the terms used commonly in chats. This acronym is mostly used while you are in search of a product.

How to Do an ISO Post on Facebook?

To post on Facebook, you will write the description for the thing that you are looking for and then tell people about what you are seeking.