What Does S Mean On Snapchat



What Does S Mean On Snapchat, S Mean On Snapchat

S Mean On Snapchat is “Snapstreak.” A Snapstreak occurs when you and one of your Snapchat friends exchange snaps (photos or videos) for consecutive days without a break. 

The number next to the “S” represents the length of the ongoing Snapstreak. Maintaining a Snapstreak can be seen as a fun way to continue conversing with your friends on Snapchat. 

However, it’s important to note that a Snapstreak will end if you or your friend fail to send a snap within 24 hours.

How is ‘S’ used on Snapchat?

S (streaks) can be fun to engage with friends on Snapchat and encourage regular interaction. Remember to keep the streak alive by sending daily snaps if you wish to continue it.

The streak feature on Snapchat intends to encourage regular and ongoing engagement between users. It serves as a fun and interactive way for friends to stay connected and communicate through the exchange of snaps daily.

Snapchat designed the streak feature to promote frequent app use and foster strong relationships between users. Creating a streak motivates users to open the app regularly, send snaps, and maintain their streaks with their friends.

Snapchat users often enjoy the competitive aspect of streaks and strive to achieve longer higher-numbered ones. It has become a popular trend and a form of social validation among Snapchat users to showcase their streaks and demonstrate their level of engagement within the platform.

When to Use ‘S’ on Snapchat

You use ‘S’ followed by a number to show the streak’s length, which signifies the consecutive days you and the other user have exchanged snaps.

Here are some scenarios when you would use ‘S’ on Snapchat:

1. Starting a streak: 

When you and a friend agree to start a streak, you can send each other a snap with an ‘S’ followed by the number 1 to indicate the beginning.

2. Continuing a streak: 

Once a streak is initiated, you can use ‘S’ followed by the increasing number to indicate the ongoing length of the streak. For example, if you have been exchanging snaps for five consecutive days, you would use ‘S5’ to represent the streak.

3. Snap captions: 

When you send a snap to the user you have a streak with, you can add ‘S’ followed by the current streak number as a caption to indicate the continuation of the streak.

It’s important to note that using ‘S’ is an informal convention specific to Snapchat, and it may not have a universal meaning outside of the Snapchat platform.

Other slang terms like  “S” on snapchat

Here are some other slang terms that are commonly used on Snapchat and other social media platforms: 

How to Reply to a Snap with ‘S’

When replying to a Snap to indicate the continuation of a streak with someone on Snapchat, you can follow these steps:

1. Launch the Snapchat app and open the Snap you received from the user you have a streak with.

2. Access the Chat interface by tapping the chat icon or swiping on the screen.

3. type the letter ‘S’ within the chat bar, followed by the current streak number. For example, if your streak is currently at 10, you would type ‘S10’.

4. Once you have composed the message with ‘S’ and the streak number, tap the send button to reply with the ‘S’ message.

5. The recipient will receive your reply with the ‘S’ indicating the continuation of the streak.


Remember that simply replying with ‘S’ is insufficient to maintain the streak. Both users must exchange snaps within 24 hours to keep the streak alive. Therefore, alongside the ‘S’ message, ensure you also send a snap to the other user to sustain the streak.