What Does MB Mean Snapchat And How To Use This Term?



What does MB mean on Snapchat

While using Snapchat or even some other social media platform like Instagram or Facebook, you may have seen the term “MB” used frequently.

There are a lot of other acronyms that are also used on social media platforms but in today’s we will cover the term “MB” and its usage.

Other than that, we will also explain the use of this slang with examples so you can get a better understanding of this term. So, without wasting time, let’s dive deep and discuss this term in detail.

What does MB mean on Snapchat?

MB is a widely used term on Snapchat that means “My bad”. This acronym is basically used for the purpose of admitting your mistake and apologizing for it.

Let’s say you have made some error and your friend is getting frustrated over it, you can use this term to make the situation lighter.

This slang can be used in direct messages as well in the public post. So there is no restriction for using the term “MB” on social media platforms.

How to Use MB on snapchat?

You can use MB in many situations in your conversation. Let’s suppose you have made a mistake and sent the wrong information to your friend about any incident.

To correct the information you will use the term “MB” and then tell him about the right news. So this will be a kind of compensation or an apology.

Examples of MB in Sentences

If you have not understood this term or its usage yet, there is no need to worry because we will explain this slang with an example.

Example 1

You: I am coming to your home. Get ready we have to reach the party by 7 PM.

Friend: But Michel told me that the time is 8 PM.

You: Oh. MB, I thought it was at 7 PM.

Example 2

Friend: You told me that you have reserved the room but when I reached there, all the rooms were booked and I had to change my hotel.

You: Yes it’s MB because I forgot to tell you that the booking was cancelled.

Other Meanings of MB

As you know that every slang has multiple meanings and is used according to the situation. Similarly, the term MB has multiple meanings. Let’s have a look at the other meanings of this term.

Maybe: MB is used as “maybe” in conversation when you don’t know exactly about a particular topic.

Megabyte: If you are a person working in the IT field, you would be using the term MB frequently for storage. For example, you can say that the image is very heavy size with a size of 650 MB.


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